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Capital Investment

PWD provides unique opportunities for investors seeking balanced risk-adjusted returns on their investment, within an open and transparent investment framework. We cautiously select our investment opportunities, using carefully implemented risk management tools and processes, while drawing on decades of hands-on experience.

Using direct property syndicates, PWD offers our investors access to a wide range of investment asset classes, but only after they have been subject to our rigorous risk management and due diligence processes. This allows our partners to assess which investments meet their return expectation and appetite for risk.

We co-invest with our capital partners to ensure complete alignment of objectives.

We know our investment partners want an open and honest approach when investing, and that is only way we operate. Transparency and openness is key to everything we do and ensures that our capital partners continue to invest with us on a repeat and long-term basis.

As a pure property investor and developer, we are free from conflicts of interest.

We rarely compete on-market, but rather seek out opportunities that others have missed.

The directors of PWD have partnered with a range of investors from high net worth individuals and family offices, thought to institutional and private equity groups including LaSalle Investment Management, Gresham, and Folkestone.

Maximising Asset Value

Our business is also structured to partner with asset owners seeking to maximise value through repositioning or redevelopment of their assets.

Our directors have an enviable track record of partnering with land owners in joint-venture or property development agreement structures, which allow owners to benefit from the expertise and experience that PWD can provide in unlocking value.

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